Stone and Silk: The Look and Feel of CleftStone’s Brushed Surfaces

Not long ago, The CleftStone Works significantly advanced its in-house stone processing capabilities, adding a new European-manufactured stone-brushing line. Previously, our brushed-finish material came only from the quarry, which limited the variety of stones available. Now we’re doing this work at our Pennsylvania workshop – and the new possibilities are amazing.

Designers and owners alike are drawn to the sleek appearance brushing produces – and just as much to the silky feel of brushed stone. People often make a sound when they touch brushed stone: they say “Ooh!”

The new line’s three brushing heads enable us to use a variety of abrasives. In this way we create a range of appealing surfaces, exploiting the basic characteristics of many types of stone.

For instance, rough-finished quartzites develop a great look and feel when brushed. Desert Gold, Copper Multicolor, Udaipur, and Silver Gray are especially striking.

Desert Gold Quartzite. For more photos of Desert Gold visit our Photo Gallery.

Brushing honed stone produces a unique effect, revealing bits of texture from the differing hardnesses within the product.

Brushed 12x24 tiles of Honed Indian Silver Gray Quartzite. For more photos of honed Silver Gray visit our Photo Gallery.

Brazilian Slate is a natural for brushing, softened and enhanced by the abrasive. The results are simple and clean. The “orange-peel” effect we get by brushing lightly-cleft stone is another nice variation.

A 16" Madara random ashlar pattern with Brushed Brazil Black Slate. For more photos of Brazil Black visit our Photo Gallery.

Brushing on Chinese and Indian Slates can also produce lush visual and tactile effects.

Brushed 12x12 tiles of Indian Cashmere Gold Slate. For more photos of Cashmere Gold visit our Photo Gallery.

We also combine finishes – for instance, cobbling plus brushing produces a rich “antiquing.”

A 24" Agra Fort random ashlar pattern with Antigued China Multicolor Slate. For more photos of China Multicolor visit our Photo Gallery.

CleftStone can apply a brushed finish on most of our stones, and we can fabricate panels and accessories with the same finishes. Available sizes range from 1”x1” up to and including 24”x24”. 

Designers find ways to use the enhancements of stone brushing in many residential and commercial projects – and clients are knocked out by the results. Contact us today to discuss the possibilities of this versatile technique.

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