Chevron Patterns Are Sharp And Stylish

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Chevron forms
Brazil Gray slate chevron tiles
Brazil Gray slate chevron tiles
Brazil Gray slate chevron tiles
Brazil Gray slate chevron tiles

CleftStone can produce a variety of chevron patterns ranging from 1X3 mosaics to 12X24 loose tiles. The tiles in these photos are Brazil Gray Slate, however chevron patterns are available in most of our beautiful, natural stones. Different sizes can be used together with a blend of multiple colors to create unique patterns. Chevron tiles can also be produced with a brushed or tumbled finish.

We offer a wide variety of products in our guides and on our website, however don’t hesitate to share your creative ideas and send us your drawings. We can do so much more. From specification to the shipment of packaged goods to your customer’s doorstep, we deliver the whole package. Contact us today to discuss your project.

The Break Down:

  • Chevron patterns can be produced from most of our natural stones.
  • Available sizes range from 1X3 to 12X24.
  • Chevron tiles can also be brushed or tumbled.
  • Mosaics can be assembled for smaller sizes or parts can be ordered loose.
  • Minimum quantity is one pattern.
  • Please feel free to discuss custom options.

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