Brushed Brazil Black Slate Rolling Off The Line

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Brushed Brazil Black slate
Brushed Brazil Black slate
Brushed Brazil Black slate
Brushed Brazil Black slate

CleftStone can apply a brushed finish to tiles of all sizes. The tiles in these photos are Brazil Black Slate in a 24 inch Agra Fort pattern, however a brushed finish is available for most other stones in our collection. For most slate, limestone and travertine tiles the brushed finish adds a silky smooth texture, whereas for heavier clefted quartzite, the finish is smooth yet slightly more gritty. The brushed texture is unique for each stone so it’s important to request photos and samples before placing your orders.

We offer a wide variety of products which can be found in our guides and on our website. Please feel free to share your creative ideas and send us your drawings. We can do so much more. From specification to the shipment of packaged goods to your customer’s doorstep, we deliver the whole package. Contact us today to discuss your project.

The Break Down:

  • A brushed finish can be applied to most of our natural stones.
  • Available sizes range from 1X1 to 24X24.
  • The surface color of a brushed tile can be slightly lighter.
  • The brushed texture is unique for each stone.
  • Brushing removes softer regions of the tile surface revealing more metals and minerals.
  • Larger, more clefted tiles like 16X16’s of Himachel White or Udaipur don't brush well.
  • Please feel free to discuss custom options.

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