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Random Ashlar Patterns and Natural Stone: A Perfect Pairing

When it comes to picking a pattern the possibilities are virtually infinite, but the general concept is quite simple: tiles interlock to create a single Module, which then creates a random, natural repeating pattern. Why pick a pattern over same-sized tiles? The answer is mostly aesthetic. Patterns create an illusion of both randomness and balance, which in turn tricks the eye into seeing a more natural space. Combine that with our natural stone and the end product is truly inspiring.

Brazil Black Slate: Simple, Clean, and Classic this Stone is Trending Now and Forever!

To be honest, before I started working here at The CleftStone Works, I didn’t take much notice to natural stone. 

China Multicolor Slate - Raw and Uncut

Where it all starts... This is an image taken by CleftStone owner Peter Galgano on his trip to Yi Xian County,China is of China Multicolored Slate in it's natural form.

In-house... trimmed and finished and mounted onto sample boards.

In all it's glory! China Multicolored Slate has such a rich,warm natural tone that doesn't need stray far from it's raw form. The perfect choice for a rich, rustic design.

Stone with Character: Cobbled Finishes from The CleftStone Works

For projects that call for a strong, chiseled look and appealing texture, cobbled finishes from The CleftStone Works produce just the right surface. Cobbling can affect the play of light and shadow on the stone in a really attractive way. It also affects corners and edges for a more distressed appearance than softer finishes provide — it's a nice alternative to tumbling. Combine it with brushing to produce a handsome “antiqued” look that’s perfect in traditional designs. The usual minimum size for a cobbled finish is 6 x 6, though it can be applied to smaller tiles; we can apply it in any of our larger sizes up to 24 x 24.

Strip Patterns: Linear Shapes and Sizes

Strip patterns are commonly used for backsplashes, walls and fireplaces, and are available in a wide variety of sizes, colors, and textures. Tiles may feature a cleft, honed or brushed finish, and open or tight grout joints may be requested. Mixing different stones, finishes and thicknesses can create amazing results. Smaller modules are typically mesh–mounted whereas larger patterns are supplied loose. For more information refer to our CleftStone Patterns guide, or contact customer service to discuss your next project.


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