Fabrication of Tiles, Slabs & Panels

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Numerous cut sizes and shapes are only the beginning of endless creative possibilities available for our design clients. We offer several different tile accessories, slabs and panels, and edge finishing on our products.

Tile Accessories

Our most popular tile accessory is our pencil or bar liner. Available in any one of our stones, bar liners make a great compliment to any custom design. Our bar liners are available in many different sizes, thicknesses, and edge finishing. Caps are another one of our custom, with numerous edging options and sizes to choose from. Corner shelves are a great compliment to any shower or bathroom installation, and are available in many different sizes and edge finishing. Please refer to our Accessory Guide for more details about these finishing touches.

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Slabs and Panels

Slabs and panels are completely custom for each order and will differ in pricing. Slabs are most commonly used for large surfaces like countertops, fireplace hearths and mantles, corner seats, and thresholds. Slabs and panels are generally offered in thicknesses of 2cm and 3cm, with many different edge-finishing options. Please contact us for more details on availability and pricing, as not all materials are available, or suitable in certain applications.

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Edge Finishing

Edging can be applied to any of our products or accessories and is priced by the linear foot. Offered edging includes bevel, bookend, bullnose, eased, and pencil. Please refer to our Accessory Guide for various options and applications.

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